Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V is for...

V is for...


Now I understand not everyone has the time to volunteer.  Most people are working a full time job along with managing a home.  Free time is non-existent, and if there are a few spare moments they are spent trying to relax and unwind from all that the world throws at us.  Trust me I understand.  I used to work 24/7 LITERALLY.  It has only been recent that I have found myself with spare time on my hands.  If you had brought up volunteering a few years ago, I would have laughed. Simply because the time not spent at work and not spent sleeping, was spent trying to squeeze in time with my kids and my spouse.  So for those of you who don't have the time, I hold nothing against you, because I'm sure if you could have the time to volunteer you would do so.

However there are those out there who have the time to volunteer. If you are already volunteering, may I say thank you and good job.  Whether you volunteer in a local school classroom, or help out your child's soccer team, or donate your time to a local soup kitchen, or any of the other numerous activities that are available for a person to participate in, your time is greatly appreciated.

For those of you who aren't may I ask why not?   I understand maybe your free time is spent soley on your children or signifigant other or maybe on yourself. (and may I say there is nothing wrong with that, even the last one, we all need a break now and then)  But you don't have to spend ALL your free time helping out.  You can always just decide to donate a few hours or even 1 hour a month to volunteering for something.  If you want to spend extra time with your kids, volunteer to help out at a sport or club they are involved in.  Then you can spend some extra time getting to know them, while at the same time volunteering.  If you want to spend extra time with a spouse or significant other, why not volunteer together?  You can get to see your special someone doing something nice, and then get the added bonus of being able to tell all your friends about it later. (I know the last part is more of a girl thing then a guy thing, and it is kinda shallow, but I love telling my friends whenever my boyfriend does something sweet.)

If you've never helped someone before you might not know this, but it makes you feel good inside. Even if you don't always get to see the results of your work.

If you do volunteer I know I didn't name all the ways you can help, so why don't you leave some suggestions in the comments of ways you can share your time?  Or even better ways you can do it that help involve everyone in your life, be they partners, kids, or just random friends and family?


  1. Hi AimeeKay, I am glad you no longer work 24/7. I've volunteered from time to time, especially helping young people learn foreign language. All I would like to say is this: volunteering is not a waste of time. You are more happy giving than receiving.

  2. I've always enjoyed volunteering. I used to work at the local Oxfam shop, have sold raffle tickets, dressed up to collect money for charity, helped out at a kids centre & all sorts of things. I think the main thing I enjoy is that just a little of my time can make a big difference sometimes :)