Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for...

S is for:

Summer Search works with low-income high school students, giving them, among other things, mentoring, college advice, and a lasting support network.  They also help college students successfully finish school and once they graduate encourage them  to come give back as part of their alumni.  It was founded by Linda Mornell  in 1990 when she sent 14 low-income students  on summer experiential education programs.  It has now expanded to 7 locations across the country, San Francisco, Boston, North Bay, New York City, Seattle, Silicon Valley and Philadelphia. 

You can get involved by:

-Donating money
-Referring Students
-Attending Events
-Providing Internships
-Joining their staff

Be sure to check out their site to see about upcoming events and find out more about them!

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