The wonderful people who have given their time and energy to help me provide you with interesting and informative posts to read! :)

 V. Furnas has her own blog Life 4 Me by Me. She is also a 7th grade teacher and gives some great advice on how parents can help Their kids become successful in school in her guest post Creating A Successful Student. She also was kind enough let me re-post her piece First We March on Austin. 

Robert C. Roman is a high school teacher in Camden, NJ.
He was kind enough to share why he teaches in the post Why I Teach.He is also an author. Some of his works include The Artifice Series and The Iron Angel Series.
Feel free to visit him at his blog: Robert C. Roman-Finis vitae sed non finis amoris - The end of life is not the end of love.  He can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

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