Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q is for...

Q is for...


So what is that saying again? Oh yeah, there are no stupid questions.  There is nothing wrong with questioning things.  Of course this post is more along the lines of questioning people.  Or should I say don't be afraid to ask people questions.  Specifically teachers.  

If you are the parent of a school age child (or teenager) don't be afraid to ask their teacher questions.  If your child is having trouble in school, would you hesitate to try to find a solution?  Would you call the teacher and ask whats going on? Of course you would.  Is the child failing because they don't understand the material? <---See there's a question right there.  

So what stops you from calling the teacher and asking if they might need any help?  Maybe they could use a parent to volunteer as a class aid.  Maybe they need a parent to help organize a phone tree for students in the class, so if a child misses a day parents have a way to find out about what they missed that day.  Yes, as a kid gets into the upper grades there aren't as many parent teacher conferences, classroom nights, etc..  And maybe, for the teenagers out there,  if their parents show up in school it's the end of the world in their minds. But why not send a note to class?  Maybe the teacher could use more classroom supplies.  Pencils, paper, rulers, etc.  As a parent if you have free time maybe you could offer to hold a supply drive with other local moms and dads.  Just get a wish list of what the teacher, or teachers, might need and see how many people can donate one or more items on the list.  

Also never be afraid to contact the teacher.  Even if it is something negative, such as a students grades. Teachers don't want to see students fail.  They like knowing that parents are involved with their kids.  And if both you and the teacher are on the same page it can only help to make sure you child is getting the most of their education.  

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