Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Bully Project

So I heard about this new movie when I was listening to KIIS-FM 102.7
The Bully Project
Directed by Lee Hirsch, it is a documentary following 5 kids and their families during a school year.  It let's you see into the various facets of their lives.
The movie sound interesting, and as an added bonus for every person that visits the page and views the trailer Care.com will make a donation to anti-bullying initiatives through FacingHistory.org.
Go check out the trailer for The Bully Project. 
So what are you waiting for go! 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Going Reading! & Discount Code!

So I wanted to tell you all about this awesome site, Gone Reading.  They have some really neat book oriented items for sale and the best part is that they donate 100% of their after-tax profits to libraries and reading centered non-profits!  Check out their philanthropic mission statement here to find out more.They have some really cute items like 

Book Marks

And much, much more!   They were also nice enough to give me a coupon code to share with my readers!

The code is:


This code is good for 25% off any purchase at Gone Reading (except book ends) and is good 'til April 8th. So be sure to hurry before time runs out!  You can get some really awesome stuff and it goes to help a really good cause!