Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Superstar Spotlight: Cheryl Adams!

This first Spotlight piece is on Cheryl Adams. She is a wonderful woman who happened to hear that the local middle school was having trouble with their costumes for the Christmas play. The trouble? They didn’t have any, and funds were fairly non-existent. Well Cheryl heard this and figured she definitely could do something to help. You see she owns a store, Classy Consignments.
 It is a charming consignment store. If you live in Beaumont or Banning perhaps you’ve seen it? It is on 6th st. in Beaumont, across from the civic center and city hall. Well once a month Cheryl goes through her inventory and donates items that haven’t sold to charities in the area. Well of the main items that Cheryl takes in for sale at her store is clothing. Now while Cheryl knew that not all the clothing would be suited for A Christmas Carol, the play the students will be performing. She knew that there would definitely be items that could come in handy.
So in the spirit of wanting to help out the students she proposed an idea. If the theater teacher were to come down and help out while they were pulling this months items, then any clothing items that the teacher happened to see that would be useful for the play she could take, free. Yes FREE!
So this Sunday morning I found myself down amongst the racks at Classy Consignments, figuring two pairs of hands would be better than one. I had the pleasure of getting to know Cheryl and her assistant Monica as they worked and gave some of their own precious time to asking “What about this item?” or “How about this?” AND I got to meet Scooter. Cheryl’s adorable doggie! He was dressed up as a little devil for Halloween. At first he was camera shy, but he came around. He made rounds while we were working. Making sure everyone was ok and giving an encouraging tail wag as he trotted by.

I’m sure that having to look out for “helpers” who had no idea what they were doing, did not make the day go by faster. However both Cheryl and Monica were still helpful and entertaining. Along with the wonderfully useful items that were found, Cheryl even treated breakfast and lunch! A pleasant and unexpected bonus.
We found many modern pieces that could be converted to Victorian dress. Amongst the treasures were long velvet skirts, beautiful silky blouses and tops; even a wonderful wrist purse, the perfect accessory for a Victorian Christmas Caroler. While they are still in need of more costumes, this act of generosity definitely went a long way towards helping the students. So if you have a moment be sure to stop in and say thank you to Cheryl. She did not need to open her doors to complete strangers last Sunday, but she did. Be sure to also say thank you to Monica, who was extremely helpful and kept her eyes peeled for anything that might be useful. If you are really lucky, you might even get to meet Scooter.

So every once in a while I would like to acknowledge someone that has gone out of their way to help out a local school. If you know someone, and would like to have me interview them for a Spotlight email me at aimeelavalle@gmail.com

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