Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fresh & Easy Shop for Schools Program

Looking for a way to help out your school? Fresh & Easy shopping centers have a Shop for Schools Program. During designated times of the year Fresh & Easy will donate $1 to a participating school for every $20 that you spend in their store.
Right now until December 31st, for every reciept over $20 that you give to one of the schools participating in their program they will give the school $1. The good thing is that it is for every $20 you spend so say for example your reciept is for $40 the school gets $2. So you don't have to shop in $20 increments.  Not sure what schools are participating? Well just click here to check out the list of schools that are currantly participating.
Don't see your school? Well unfortunely the registration for this year ended on October the 1st. However don't let that get you down.  Go to your school and let them know about the program. Contact Fresh & Easy and see when the next program is scheduled to start. That way your school can get prepared for the next time.  Don't have a kid in a local school that's participating? That's ok, still save your receipts and just stop in the office at one of the schools that are participating and drop them off, trust me the school will appreciate it!
Don't want to stop and drop off a receipt but you still shop at your local Fresh & Easy? Fresh & Easy also will be having Shop for Schools Shopping Nights for the schools that are participating in the Shop for Schools program.  Just check with your school for what is the date for their shopping night, shop at Fresh & Easy between 4pm and 8pm on that night, and 5% of the total sales from that time go to school. No need to worry about going to a school at all. 

***Are you a local store or business that is having school nights? or programs to benifit local schools? Let me know I will be happy to post about it. Just email me at ***

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