Wednesday, November 3, 2010

See's Candy & Jungle Beans Coffee Fundraiser!

O.k. for all my coffee and chocoholics out there, I've got a good one for you!  Sundance Elementary is having a fundraiser to help support it's PTA student programs. For example: Santa's Breakfast and Imagination Machiene.(the imagination machiene helps encourage creative writing)  They are selling See's Candies and Jungle Beans Coffee. Unfortunetly there is no link to purchase the See's Candies part of the fund raiser online. So if anyone is interested in anything from that part and lives in the Beaumont/Banning California area please email me at and I will help get you in contact with someone from the school.(sorry to anyone farther away but I personally don't have the funds to ship anything.)
However the Jungle Beans Coffee portion of the fundraiser is available for ordering online. Simply go to  In the upper part of the screen there is  ORDER COFFEE NOW, click on that link and it will take you to the different coffees you can choose from. Whenever you're ready to check out just enter the Sundance key code: SDE123 and 50% of these orders will also be donated to Sundance Elementary.
Be sure to check it out soon! The fundraiser ends November 15th.

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