Monday, November 15, 2010

"Our School Needs" contest winners:

I jsut wanted to give everybody an update on who the winners of the Bing "Our School Needs" contest were.

The $100,000 grand prize winner is:
Greenfield Hebrew Academy (Atlanta, GA)- whose quest for a new roof may soon be fulfilled so students will no longer have to avoid puddles in the hallways when it rains!

The three first-prize winners, who will recieve $50,000 are:

K-6: Patriot Elementary School (Fort Carson, CO) - students from this military post need cameras and technical resources to keep in touch with loved ones overseas.

7-9: M.S. 158 Marie Curie School (Bayside, NY) - this school hopes to bring back basic school supplies and after-school programs lost in severe budget cuts.

10-12: Oakland International High School (Oakland, CA) - in a school where over 25 different languages are spoken, teachers want musical instruments, art supplies and technological equipment to bring lesson plans to life.

The winner of the Ryan's Pick $25000 prize is:
James Singleton Chtr School (New Orleans, LA) -This school is trying to form a marching band and music program, and need the funds to help supplie musical instruments, etc to the students.

Also Bing was so impressed by the finalists that they decided to award $5000 to each finalist that did not recieve a grand prize, first place prize or Ryan's pick prize.

Feel free to go check out all the schools that entered and their programs at:

AND thanks to the donation codes that Bing awarded to the first 30000 voters each day, over 6600 projects and 169000 students have benifited on
If you still have a  code be sure to redeem it before November 30th:

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