Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Looking for a way to earn money for your school?

To PTA/Teachers/People who handle fund raisers, etc:
Burger King in Calimesa California, is looking for schools/school groups that would be interested in partnering with them to hold a School Benefit Night. School benefit nights are a fun and reletively easy way to earn money for your school.  The school contacts the restaurant, set a date, and then spread the word. 
A percent of that nights sales goes to the school. 
Also the night is planned around your school.  Teachers are welcome to come out that night and "help out". Thus giving them a chance to get to know the parents in a non-school setting. Balloons and decorations in the schools colors, as well as other activities.
If you are associated with a school or school group in the Calimesa/Yucaipa area of California and are interested contact Alej Garcia at 951-255-0915.  Or just go into the Calimesa Burger King, located off the 10 exit, off Calimesa Blvd.  You can see the sign from the freeway.

This is for schools in the Calimesa/Yucaipa, California area, however the idea itself is a really good one. If your school isn't in the area of the Calimesa Burger King, why not go see if your local Burger Kings or other restaurants, ice cream shops, etc., are holding school nights.  In the past I know that the local Cold Stone Ice Cream store had hosted one, Pizza Hut does, and Dairy Queen as well.  Even if the store isn't a national chain or for that matter even if they don't have more than one location, that's ok. They still might be willing to host a school night, or some other form of promotion to help raise money for your school or school group.  Remember this benefits them too. They get basically free advertising and good public relations with the local community. If you have a school night or program coming up, let me know. I will gladly post the time and location to help spread the word. Just email me at aimeelavalle@gmail.com.

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