Thursday, October 7, 2010

Why I started this....

So when my daughters were little, I really didn't have time to participate a lot in their schools. I did the expected treats for their birthdays, and attempted to make it to school programs etc. As they got older work unfortunetly began to eat up more and more of my time, so even thinking about volunteering became a joke. Then I got sick. No more work for me, and tons of free time. As I reaquainted myself with my daughters lives outside of the house one thing became glaringly obvious. Their schools were severely under funded. I had known this on some level for a while, I used to take my mother-in-law to buy supplies for her class room. But when my oldest daughter told me that they were only allowing a certain number of kids into the color guard because thats how many uniforms they had, that shocked me.  Then  she brings home a paper saying that to raise funds for science class the class will be selling energy efficient light bulbs. Not a fund raiser for the school in general, but to raise money for the science class! I mean has that what school these days has come to?   That, in part, is what started me on my own personal crusade to see more people (not just parents) get involved in schools. The other part is that I spend a lot of my time feeling bored and useless, and this gives me something to do that makes me feel useful. So if I seem a little taller it's not cause my ankles have deflated enought for me to wear my stilettos, it's cause I'm standing on my own personal soap box.

I know not all schools have fallen this far in the currant economy. Some schools, and the school systems they are in, don't have massive lay offs simply because they can't afford the teachers. But that doesn't mean that the teachers that work there don't appreciate community involvement. So those of you who's school systems don't stink feel free to participate too.

In my posts I am going to focus on ways people can help, or have helped. Maybe it will help you with your own ideas on how you can help, or get involved.
Participation doesn't mean you have to give your blood, sweat and tears. Sometimes it is as easy as clicking a button and becoming a fan of a site to get them to donate. Office Max just did a promotion on facebook, were for every fan they got they donated $1 to help a class room in need. Now clicking like on thier page isn't a lot of effort. And you can always just hide thier posts from that point on. A minimum of 2 clicks just to donate a $1. Then 2 more if you don't want the posts on your facebook feed. How hard is that?
So I wanna hear from you guys, post what the most recent thing you have done to help out a school, it can be any school, and it can be anything, becoming a fan, helping a class, buying an item from a fund raiser, anything.

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