Friday, October 8, 2010

60 potholders in 60 days....

Ok, no more soap box. Not unless something REALLY insane happens. (say more science classes having to raise funds for class for example :) )
Ok, anyway. I am going to chronicle in this post my newest volunteering adventure. Making potholders!!!! OOOOOO...don't all get all excited all at once. lol

So anyway, the girls are having a winter dickens festival in December. I will be posting a time, date, location spot as soon as I get it. Right now the only thing I know about that for sure is that it is on the 3rd and 4th of December and that it will be at the San Gorgonio Middle School.  As part of the festival they will be having booths to sell items to raise money for the different clubs at the school.  Well of course my youngest daughter hit me up to make cupcakes. (that will be a different post all together)  and then both of them hit me up about learning to crochet. Apparently some of the booths will contain home made craft items.
Well, unfortunately for me, no one thought to lock me in the house the next day, or to due anything sane like take away my car keys. So what did I do, oh I had already agreed to make cupcakes, but there is always something more I could do  between now and December...right? Long story a little bit shorter, after talking to the teacher I now find myself making potholders to donate for sale to one of the booths. I gave myself a personal goal of 60 potholders to be made before the 1st of December. Which is approximately one a day for the next 60 days.   Considering that I can make potholders anytime, anywhere, and that it isn't exactly a physically demanding process this is actually an obtainable goal.  So everyday I will be adding to this post, and putting up pictures of the potholder(s) I have made for that day. Feel free to point out which ones are your favorites, or you favorite design or color combination. Remember I am trying to finish this well before my actual finish date. I do have other things that I have to take care of. So also feel free to pass on any helpful hints or your own tale of volunteering adventure, or misadventure, to help me pass the time.

these are the ones I made before the 7th.




10/09/10---One more down!!! :)   O.K. I'm really not sure on the color of this pair. It's BRIGHT yellow, but i guess it looks good. Also finally got a container to store all the finished potholders in so today was definitely a productive day. Let me know what ya'll think. Don't forget to check out the questions at the top of the page and post some answers.

10/10/10---None today. : (   I started a pair and almost finished it. But between burning my arm on the frying pan while making quesadillas, food shopping, and getting a nail in my tire. Just didn't get a chance to finish them. Oh well, means I'll have to make two pairs tomorrow. : (


10/11/10---Got one pair finished today. I really like this pair. Honestly they are my favorite pair so far. I don't think the picture does them any justice, since you can't really see the gray edges or center. The problem is that while the gray yarn is really pretty and really soft it is really hard to work with! My hands are so sore just from doing the edges!  Didn't get the second pair done, but I will catch up. :) 


10/12/10---One more down!


10/13/10---I think this pair is really pretty too. Its actually a dark green color.



10/14/10---Trying to make each pair a little different. I like the way the picture turned out on this one! You can actually see the blue in the center!

10/15/10---Finally finished this pair. Same pretty and really soft grey yarn from before. Still really hard to work with!  But they are so soft and pretty!!!!   

Aren't they pretty!
I also would like to thank Molly Roman for donating more yarn to the cause! Thank you! Thank you! Gotta go gotta get up early for a band review tomorrow. See I don't just sit in bed all day and knit all the time. :)    

10/16/10---Oh yah! Got two pairs done today! And the band placed 4th! Awesome! Plus more yarn!!
So any color combos you guys would like to see? Let me know. To any Lakers fans out there, today's pairs are both bright yellow and purple! Hope ya like 'em!


Thanks again Molly!

10/17/10---So yesterday after  posting got hit with a migraine. Blech. Woke up this morning and it was still hanging around somewhere in the vicinity behind my eyes. Double blech. So decided to stay in bed 'til around 11. When it finally decided to go away. Didn't get to start on any potholders at that point. Normally I try to get them started and finished early in the day. Nope, not today, when I finally did drag myself outta bed, realized I had planned to meet with a friend of mine to work on invitations for a shower that we are planing for a mutual friend. So spent the first 2 awake hours of my day helping to write out invitations. Then realized we possibly needed more, and had to run to the store to buy more, thank goodness there we went then, there were only 2 packets of the invitations I had bought left.  That was just the beginning. Still had to come home and do normal everyday things like clean the house, make dinner, and have a life in general. So didn't actually get started on these 'til after 7.  By the time I started was to mentally exhausted to pick new colors, so just stuck with the ones I used yesterday. The one is the front side, the other in the picture show the back. Hope to actually get a chance tomorrow to get up the post I've wanted to write regarding donating old clothes that can be used for costumes for plays, etc. Fingers crossed. :)



10/18/10---Got away from the purple today, but still couldn't escape the yellow. :)

10/20/10---BLECH! Somebody gave me the flu! And when I find out who I'm giving it back!  Spent yesterday hiding in bed. Most of the time asleep!  Convinced myself to go out at one point to pick my daughter up from school, then came back home and hid in bed! Still sick today, but at least I could function!
Hopefully will be back to normal tomorrow.

(still out of it, couldn't find the picture of today's potholders, after a good 5 mins realized that I had never transferred it from the camera.)

10/21/10---So still trying to use up that purple! :) But it's just in the center of this pair. For some reason the purple comes out blue in the pictures. Between cleaning the house and baking the cake, and then cleaning up the mess from the cake! Barely got this pair done.  Not sure if I'll get any done tomorrow. It's my baby's birthday. But somehow one of my Dr. appointments got rescheduled for the morning, and this is one of those Dr's were the wait is notoriously long. So maybe I'll be able to finish something then. Here's to positive thinking! Hope you all have a wonderful Friday if I don't get a chance to sign on tomorrow!

10/22/10---So I got to finish these while at the Dr's. Can I call it or what? Decided to try some of the new yarn that was so kindly brought over by Molly Roman!  This one was soft and sooo pretty. Caught more than the other purple yarn I was using, but not as much as that grey one did.   If you get the chance to pick up the new people, the one from 10/25/10, be sure to flip to page 60. Very revealing look at some of our schools are faring these days....Very revealing, and disturbing. Even more reason to help out in any way you can.

10/23/10---Got 2 done today!!! Not sure how, but I did!  Be sure to go and rate your favorite school at Bing's "Our school needs..." contest! (Can you tell I finally started to figure out how to add links to my posts. :) lol)



10/24/10---Trying to use as much of one color before moving on to the next. I really like this color, except the more I look at it the more orange it looks! lol   Don't forget to go vote for your favorite school program at The Clorox "Power a Bright Future Contest". Remember voting ends the 1st of November, but you can vote every day, and you get to play for a chance to win something too!

10/25/10---2 more done today!!! Woohoo!  Don't forget to go vote in the Clorox "Power a Bright Future" Contest and the Bing "Our School Needs..." Contest.


10/26/10---One more down. 32 more to go. Almost 1/2 way there! Did you vote yet today? Don't worry if you haven't there's still time!
Just click the links below!  :)
 Bing "Our School Needs..." Contest
"Power a Bright Future" Contest

10/27/10---One more pair! Don't forget to vote for the programs you think should win first place. So who's ready for Halloween? What are you dressing up as?
10/30/10---OMG! Two whole days and I didn't post anything about my potholders! Sorry bout that. So Thursday was crazy. Got some amazing things done in the morning. Not potholder things, but important non the less. then was wiped out by the time I got home. Spent the rest of the evening hiding in bed, only ventured out to make dinner. Friday, well Friday was a completely different thing altogether. Started the black and white pair in the pic. But never got a chance to finish them. Ever have one of those days? Yeah Friday was one of those days! So today, while I was still recovering from Friday, I made it a point to get these two pairs done. Especially since tomorrow is Halloween. Plus I have an appointment in the morning, which I will tell you all about next Monday. Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!

***OMG! Just realized that I am FINALLY past the half way point!!!! YAY!!!!***

11/1/10---So I knew I was right about yesterday. Halloween was great! But sooo busy and crazy! Today was even busier, was gone all day and didn't get home 'til late! Will have my first Spotlight up tomorrow. Be sure to check it out!

11/4/10---O.K. so this first one I shoulda put up yesterday. But everything got so crazy it just didn't get up. So don't forget to go vote in Bing's Our "School Needs..." Contest! Voting ends on November 7th that's 3 days away.  Remember everyday that you vote you receive a $3 gift code for This means that you can donate $3 to the school program of your choice on that site. It takes approximately 10mins if you aren't registered with Bing yet.  Really not that long. So go vote, go now! And don't assume it's too late in the day to get a code. I voted the other night at 8pm and I still got one.


11/6/10---So I actually started these Friday and would have had them up yesterday, but unfortunately I got sick after my daughter's band review.  So they were finished today.   Did everyone remember to vote in the Bing "Our School Needs Contest"?  Did you get a code for


11/9/10---So for the better part of today I thought to myself, "Gosh I got nothing done on Tuesday" and "Where did Tuesday go anyway?".  Sometime in the mid afternoon I realized that it wasn't Wednesday and somehow I still didn't accomplish much today.  So I'm sure I'll spend the better part of tomorrow wondering why I didn't get more done today. :)

11/15/10---Sorry haven't been feeling well for the past few days.  But I'm starting to feel a bit better and wanted to get the pics of my latest pot holders up. Less than 20 to go! I will have the dates for the Dickens festival up within the next week. :)




11/20/10---So this past week has been absolutely horrible. As you might have already guessed from my lack of posts. I hope to have a post up later today about Fresh & Easy and their shop for schools program.  Currantly they are giving $1 for every $20 that is spent in their store to local schools. If you live in Yucaipa, Ca, you have probably already heard of this since their schools are participating in this program.  Also I hope to have up a new spotlight as of this Monday so be sure to be on the look out for it! Here are the potholders I was able to finish in the past for days.  To finish on time I will need to make 13 more within the next 10 days. Feel free to offer any encouragement, between migraines, the holidays, and life in general I am fighting an uphill battle. But I am determined to get it done!!!! :) I will also have more news on the Dickens Festival which will be taking place at San Gorgonio Middle School in early December.



11/18/10 and 11/19/10

11/30/10---OMG!OMG!OMG!   I'm finally done!!!! YAY!!!!
K, soooo sorry, that I haven't posted for 10 days!  Between Thanksgiving, and then getting the flu, I was pretty much trapped in my bed 'til  this morning! But I got them all done!!! Yay!!! If anyone is interested in getting a pair, the San Gorgonio Middle School will be selling them at their Dickens Festival. On December the 3rd from 6pm-8pm and on December the 4th from noon til 6pm.

 Right now the currant tally is 60/60 so only 0 more to go!!! YAY!!!


  1. Alice makes potholders. You might be able to get her to donate some if you ask nice. :-)

  2. While, I fear that the cost of shipping and handling would be too much. You can always have her make some for one of the local schools craft fairs. :)