Saturday, October 9, 2010


Ok, I know not everyone can afford to purchase from fundraisers and thats ok. But not everyone is broke. There are two main problems with fundraisers theses days. The first is that kids can no longer go door to door. I know this if for the safety of the children so I support that, but it greatly limits the amount of people that are actually exposed to the fundraisers.  The second is that the prices have gotten flat out ridiculous on some of the fundraisers. Now the later problem I can do nothing about. However the former problem I CAN help with. Fortunetly most fundraisers have realized that students no longer have a large pool of potential clients to pull from. So they have set up web sites that out of state family members and online friends can go to and order from. The items bought are credited to the the school in the students name, and then are shipped directly to the person who bought them. Whoever thought up this idea may I just say thank you.   To my followers if you know of a fundraiser please feel free to leave a comment on a post or email me at . I will gladly post you're fundraiser information and hopefully it will help bring in more funds for the school you are raising money for. 
That being said here is my first official fund raiser I am going to do that for. This particular fundraiser will benefit  Three Rings Ranch Elementary School in Beaumont, California.  The name of the fundraiser is Kids are First. I have personally been able to look over this fundraiser (it is for my friends daughter) and it is a good one. There are lots of items to choose from and they have decent prices starting at $6. Also on the order form if a person just wants to make a donation they can. I am not sure if this is possible if you order online, but it is definitly a bonus. After all the whole point is to raise funds for a school. That doesn't necessarily mean that the person who is ordering something actually wants what they are ordering.
The fundraiser is running from October 8th, 2010-October 22, 2010. So be sure to check it out!
. You can shop online at:

The school receives profit from the sale and the student will receive prize credits. Enter the student ID below to begin.

Thank you for your support.

If the link above does not work, please use the following link and enter the student ID:

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