Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Coke Rewards

Here's one for those of you who collect the codes from coke products.  You probably already know about it, but just in case you don't, and for those of you who don't collect them.   My Coke Rewards lets you donate your My Coke Rewards points to various schools. It's quick and painless. Just click on the spend you points button and down on the left hand side is a link that says donate to your school.  Then just find a school. You can do so by entering your zip code or the state you live in.  Then up pops a list of the schools in the area you've requested.  Then just scroll through until you find the school you want to donate to.
If you're school's not registered let them know about My Coke Rewards.  There's even a link for you to send the information to someone at the school who could register.

You can donate as little as 1 reward point.  No minimums are always a good thing. You can also look at your schools wish list or the full school rewards catalog.  While the cheapest item starts out at 72 points and then jumps to 420 for the next item.  This is no reason to not donate, even if all you have to donate is 1pt. Pts. like box tops do add up. Anyway the minimum you recieve for a code is 3pts anyway. So if all you are collecting the points for is to donate to a school you are already going to be donating more than just one.
Also until November 30th, for every 5pt donation that a school recieves they will also recieve a sweepstakes entry to win $25000 to spend on a new playground for the school.  Even if you're not into turning in codes to get stuff online, how hard would it be to save the caps from two coke products and sign up for just the next two months? Sign on get 6 points and then donate those 6 points to a school. You don't even have to go to the school you are going to donate to. Don't know a school? Just enter your zip code, or your state and then pick one randomly.  I'm sure they will appreciate it.   Just follow the link to go to My Coke Rewards to find out more!


  1. It's a shame I live in the UK so I won't be able to be as hands on with your cause. It is a good cause. I'll follow you. Well done.
    You can look at my blog and follow if you like

  2. Thank you! Any ideas, or suggestions, of ways you can think to help out local schools would be great. Doesn't matter what country you are in or helping out in. :)