Tuesday, October 26, 2010

OfficeMax A Day Made Better & Adopt-A-Classroom

OfficeMax has a program to help teachers. It's called A Day Made Better. They work with Adopt-A-Classroom to help bring much needed supplies to teachers and classrooms across the country. One day a year they surprise over 1000 teachers with over $1000 in supplies.  Adopt-A-Classroom helps donars adopt a classroom to help provide financial and moral support. The fund usage is up to the choice of the teacher of the classroom. The only thing teachers cannot use the funds for is field trips.
Considering that on average teachers spend approximatly $1000 out of their own pockets each year to help supply their own classrooms. These two groups working together provide a great relief  and encouragement to over extended teachers through out the country. Office Max also has many well known public figures who are also advocates for their programs.
This years adopt a classroom already occured on October 5th. Click here to view some of their stories.  You too can become involved  in many different ways. Anywhere from becoming involved in  Adopt-A-Classroom to something as simple as buying a gift card and surprising one of your local teachers with it to use to purchase supplies for their classroom.
To become involved in Adopt-A-Classroom is easy. Simply go to thier website. They have an easy to use school locator.  Type in your schools name and press go. Not seeing your school? Or don't have a specific school in mind? Simply put in your zip code and it will bring up the schools in the area that are already involved in the program.  Now you may need to do some research at this point if you are interested in adopting a classroom it does ask for a teachers name and email and phone number. However you can still click on the no preference box and it will take you to where you can choose how much you wish to donate.  100% of all donations go straight to the classroom. None is taken out for anything else.
If you are a teacher you can simply click the teachers tab on the right hand side and register your classroom.
Not a teacher?  Click on the launch a local program tab. Teachers, administrators, parents. All can use this option to help bring Adopt-A-Classroom to their community. They give you access to informational materials and outreach tools. These tools help to give local schools and communitys information about the program, and they also help to track your progress.   Both these programs do amazing things to help out our schools.

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