Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards Honorees from Oklahoma

I'd like to introduce you to the Honorees from Oklahoma for The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards.  The program also chooses anywhere from 2 to 10 runners up in each state.  They are named Distinguished Finalists and receive a bronze medallion. I will be listing them as well underneath the Honorees.
I will give a short description of what the Honoree has been nominated for and then you can click on their name to find out more! 

Here are the State Honorees:

Jonathan is a senior.  He started "Rock-A-Thon".   The event helps raise money to feed children over the weekends, who otherwise might have to go hungry.


Matthew is an eighth grader.  He formed "A Chance for Children."  Which has helped to build a home for orphans in Africa. 

The Distinguished Finalists are:

Taylor Daniel-aiding the disadvantaged
Clytee Burchett-encouraging reading and literacy
Gabrielle Woods-helping and comforting the sick
Lucy Mahaffey-helping to raise awareness about human trafficking and modern slavery

Let's hear it for these awesome kids!

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