Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards Honorees from New York

I'd like to introduce you to the Honorees from New York for The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards.  The program also chooses anywhere from 2 to 10 runners up in each state.  They are named Distinguished Finalists and receive a bronze medallion. I will be listing them as well underneath the Honorees.
I will give a short description of what the Honoree has been nominated for and then you can click on their name to find out more! 

Here are the State Honorees:

Raymond Mohler
Raymond is in eighth grade. He created the "Little St. Nick Foundation".  It was created to help children who have been hospitalized not be as scared or upset.


Christopher Yao
Christopher is a sophomore.  He created "Kids Change the World" to help children in need and to help get other children involved in helping out.

The Distinguished Finalists are:

Lynn-Indora Edmond-aiding the disadvantaged
David Cruikshank-aiding the disadvantaged
John Farese-aiding the disadvantaged
Shane Carman-enhancing community resources
Emory Nagar-helping political awareness
Kayla Bubbush-promoting health and safety
Annalise Mozer-promoting health  and safety
Jillian Dolce-spreading the spirit of volunteerism

Let's hear it for all these awesome kids!

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