Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Venus Goddess Fund for Education

Gillette Venus Razors is pairing up with Jennifer Lopez to help raise money for it's Venus Goddess Fund for Education.  They want us all to share our "Inner-Goddess" stories. (Basically anything that makes you feel your best or helps bring out the best in you)  For every story they receive they will donate $1 to their Venus Goddess Fund for Education.

Here's a quick summery of the Fund from their page:
"Venus has partnered with global charities to empower women through education.
The Venus Goddess Fund for Education helps women across the world reach their full potential. Whether providing books for children in third world countries, mentorship for teens, or scholarships to women in need, the opportunity to improve lives is endless. "

 No, this is not a charity or group that directly helps out teachers or class rooms. But it does help women and children across the country and around the world get a better education, by giving books, scholarships, etc..  This is a highly positive, extremely low effort way to help out. All you need to do is click and type and enter your story. Don't even need to leave the house.
Click here to share your Inner-Goddess and help donate.

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