Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back to School Savings

So is everyone ready for School?
Depending on where you are school might not start for almost a whole month, but in my daughters' school district, school starts on August 16th.
For my younger daughter shopping is easy, since my other daughter is only a year older we already have a heads up on what she will need. My older daughter however. Not only is she entering a new grade, but also a whole new school level.(high school!!!!!!) So we aren't quite sure exactly what she will need. We have picked up the basics, notebooks, filler paper etc., but we aren't sure on the exact amounts we will need. Will she need one per subject? Will she even need one for certain classes? And are there going to be certain items that we will need that we didn't even think about? Last year that item was compasses. We got lucky and found some at Walmart that weren't too expensive. Of course then we promptly found a bunch on clearance at Walgreens almost a month later. I bought some then just because they were only .50 cents. I stashed a few at home for emergencies, and then sent some to the math teacher at the school, at least then they could have some extras for class use.
So are you ready for school yet? Do you buy everything the moment it first goes on sale? or do you wait to see if you can get an even better deal?  Do you buy the basics and wait to see what additional stuff the teacher might want? or do you buy one of everything, just in case? The biggest thing that annoys me is when I buy something and come home to find I could have gotten it somewhere else for not only less, but A LOT less. So in the effort to help other parents out there school shopping, or teachers who are stocking up for their classrooms I am going to post the best sales I see around for awhile, at least until September which is usually when the sales here die off. If I see anything really good that maybe isn't advertised, like those compasses on clearance, I will post up a note on that too. I'm only putting up stuff I see in the  circulars, I'm not going online, although I will try to give a link to the stores website, and I am only doing it for circulars I get.  That being said, if you know of a sale that I haven't mentioned, doesn't matter if it is at a store I've mentioned or not, please let me know. I will put that info up too. I am in Southern California, so I also don't know if the Walmart or Walgreens or whatever is having the same sales in your area, just a little note in case they are.  I am also going to try to post this stuff on Sunday, (not Tuesday night/Wednesday morning like I am with this one, sorry) so you can get a head start on any sales. Also I'm only putting up the best prices I see. So if it's buy one get one free I'm probably not putting it up only because I don't know the price. Or if it is cheaper at walgreens Im putting up walgreens price not a different stores. Sorry, I can only type so much...

So anyway on with the savings:

K, Walgreens first, only because I just got back from there.

Penway or Wexford Filler Paper-130 sheets-.59cents or 2/$1; 280 sheets-.99 cents
(for those of you who don't know what filler paper is, it's that lined paper you put in binders)

Penway or Wexford 60 or 70 sheet notebooks are .29 cents; the 120 sheet notebooks are .99 cents
If you have the coupon from the circular you can also get the Penway composition 80 sheet notebooks for only .49 cents. (the difference between the composition and the regular notebook is the notebook has the spiral on the edge)

If you have the coupon you can also get It's Academic 5 inch scissors, 2 pack of Elmers glue sticks or Elmers school glue for only .29 cents.

Crayola 24 pack of crayons is on sale for $1. But you get $1 in Register rewards so it's basically like getting it for free. but there is a limit of 1 (so if you need more than one you gotta go and come  back)

Crayola Markers-10 pack- are .99 cents

Crayola White Poster Board is .29 cents

Penway Highlighters and Designers pencils are only .09 cents each

Penway wooden 12 inch rulers are only .19 cents. (the only comment I have on these is that a lot of them are not straight or have other issues, so maybe spend the extra cash on a different one, or be prepared to spend extra time searching through the box for one with no faults)

Penway or Wexford School box or carry alls (pencil pouches for the binders) are only .59 cents (which is funny cause if you look inside the circular there is a coupon saying you can get them for .69 cents)

2 pocket Wexford folders aer .09 cents

Penway or Wexford No. 2 pencils are .19 cents

Paper Mate Mechanical  Pencils-10 pack-are .39 cents

Paper Mate 1.2 stick pens(regular pens)-10 pack- are .29 cents

Expo markers-2 pack-are .99 cents; 4 pack is 1.99 (but the 4 pack is 4 different colors the 2 pack they are both the same color)

Paper Mate EraserMate pens-4 pack-.99 cents

Corner Office or Wexford Index Cards (100 count) are .39 cents

Penway or Wexford Erasers (both the 2 pack of the pink ones and the 24 count pencil toppers) are .39 cents

Wexford Binder or Splash Color Portfolio (1 inch) are .39 cents.

Wexford or Corner Office 5 tab divider's are .39 cents

Penway or Wexford Index card holders and slider pencil cases are .39 cents

With coupons you can also get :
-Penway  or Wexford Pencil Sharpeners for only .39 cents
-It's Academic stretch book covers for .69 cents (this is the same coupon that I mentioned above that has the pencil pouches for .69 cents that are listed for .59 cents on the outside of the flier, and honestly they are *meh* in the actual works well department. I bought them last year, and I should have just gotten paper bags at the grocery store and made the book covers out of those, then the kids could have designed them any way they wanted and they probably would have lasted A LOT longer)
-Corner office or Wexford 2 pack corrction fluid (generic white out) .99 cents
-Penway or Wexford 2 pocket folders with prongs, 6/$1

Tech Gear Zipper Binders are $6.99 (this is a good price since the mead binders are 9.99)

On the more expensive end, certain backpacks are buy one at 9.99 get one free.  I found last year that if you go to Big Lots you can get them for less, but go early because there is a good chance they will be sold out.

There are also LOTS of other school items for sale, I just listed the ones that were incredibly low click here to check out the online  weekly circular.

Here's for Kmart (click here for the weekly circular, on this one be sure to change it to your local area):

Crayola colored pencils-12 count-$1; You can also get Crayola crayons-24 pack-for only .25 cents. but there is a limit of 4

Elmer's school glue-.25 cents. but again limit of 4

also they have Lunch kits (lunch boxes basically) for only 9.99

Here's for OfficeMax (click here for the weekly circular, again just make sure you change your location):

OfficeMax filler paper-100 sheets- .01 cents. thats right 1 penny but there is a limit of 3.

Paper Mate Write Bros. Black or Blue Ballepoint pens-10pack- .10 cents limit 3
with the coupon from the circular you can get  composition books-100 sheets-for .50 cents

There are also a lot of buy one get one free items and buy two get two free items so be sure to check out the circular.

Hopefully these were helpful, if you know of any better deals etc, just let me know and I will put them up too!

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