Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to School Savings

****** ****Just a little shopping update...If you live in the Banning/Beaumont, California area:
1-the walmart is out of its .75 cent filler paper. (not sure when they will be getting more in, and if it will be in time for this sale or not.)
2-if you are looking for compasses the new walgreens on Oak Valley Parkway has compasses for .50 cents back in its clearance section.  just go in past the make-up department to the end of the aisle and there are a whole bunch left.************************

So are you ready for school yet? School here starts tomorrow. So I hope I am. I never really know how ready I am until after they get home from the first day and tell me everything that they still need to get. lol.
Well here's a list of the sales going on this week. Hope you find them helpful!

K, Walgreens  (click here for your local circular) :

They have a few buy one get one free items (folders and notebooks and stuff)

Penway wooden ruler .29 cents. (again these you will probably need to go through as a large percentage of them aren't even)

Penway 24 pack crayons .29 cents

Splash color binder .99 cents

Liquid paper correction fluid or tape .99 cents

Index divider with pockets .99 cents

 With coupon from Circular:

Elmers school gule or 2 pack glue sticks (limit 3) .79 cents

It's Academic 5 inch scissors .49 cents

Penway or wexford index card case holder or poly slider pencil case .49 cents

Bic Ultra round stic grip pens-8 pack- .99 cents

Penway or wexford 1 subject notebook-70 sheets- .49 cents

Here's for Walmart (click here for local circular):
Cra-Z-Art Crayons-24 ct-.25 cents

Cra-Z-Art Watercolors-8 ct- .97 cents

Crayola Markers-10 ct- .97 cents

Crayola Colored Pencils-12 ct- .97 cents

Paper Folder 2 pockets with or without prongs- .15 cents

1 subject notebook-70 sheets- .20 cents

100 scheet Composition book- .40 cents

1 inch economy binder- 2 inside pockets - .92 cents

Paper mate ballpoint pens-12 pack- .97 cents

They also have a lot of other sales, plus they really don't have limits on items. (at least from what I've seen)

Here's for Big Lots (click here for the weekly circular):lue

2 pocket laminated porfolios .50 cents

2 pk. dry erase markers .50 cents

4.oz school glue .50 cents

3 ct. glue sticks - .50 cents

Rite Aid (click here for the weekly circular)

The only think with  Rite Aid is you need to have their Wellness+ card to get the deals. So if you are planning to go make sure you get one.  So all these sales are WITH the Wellness+ card.

Playskool crayons-24 ct.-  .29 cents

Mead notebooks-70 sheets- .29 cents

Plastic or Wooden rulers- .29 cents

Pick erasers-2 ct- or eraser tops-15 ct-  .29 cents

paper or poly portfolios- .29 cents

Sheet protectors- .29 cents

Glue sticks or glue- .29 cents
Pencil case or pencils-10ct- .29 cents

They also have a lot of buy one get one frees

Hopefully these were helpful, if you know of any better deals etc, just let me know and I will put them up too!

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