Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Looky, looky, I posted something and it's not a fundraiser! (oh and there's a contest in there too!)

Ok. So as I said in a post a few days ago between being sick, and the holidays, and a whole lotta other stress and everyday craziness I haven't posted anything for almost a month. Sorry. Going to try to work on atleast getting something up more than once a month. (I hope) I would make that a New Year's resolution, but considering most resolutions don't make it too far into the new year I don't think that would help any. If anything it might pretty much garauntee that I won't put anything else up.

This pic is of one of those stressful everyday
crazy things that seems to happen to me.
All I did was put it in the bag with some
microwave burritos and it exploded.

So at the moment I've been searching the web looking for any contests for helping schools, or anything like that. However whether it is due to the lingering pain in my head from last nights migraine or there just isn't anything out there, I can't seem to find anything. It's probably the former and I just need to look harder. So if you know of anything please feel free to post me a reply or email me at aimeelavalle@gmail.com .

I am also looking for more people to spotlight! If you know someone that deserves a little recognition, let me know. Whether they helped out a local classroom or with an after school program or if they regularly donate box tops, rewards points, whatever to their local school let me know. I'd be glad to interview them and put them in the spotlight. Please remember though that not all people want to be in the spotlight, and if I have no way to contact them I have no real way to do a spotlight on them.  I personally would prefer to contacting them via email.(It is easier especially if it is a bad health day and leaving the house isn't possible) However if they are local (to me, which means Banning or Beaumont California) I wouldn't mind maybe setting up a face to face chat, that way I can get a good picture of the person, and maybe even some pics of them in action doing whatever helpful thing it is that they do. The only problem with this is that I have more bad days than good days most months so it might not be an option.  
Also I am looking for anyone interested in doing a guest post. Maybe you have a great way you help out your local school? or are a teacher and have ideas that you would like to share? Contact me if you are interested.  Again just email me. Just please remember posts should at least be relevant to helping out local schools, classrooms, or school programs/groups. I personally don't talk about a lot of the politics behind why the schools are underfunded, mainly because I don't feel I know enough about all the details to do so. However if you are someone in the know and would like to share that would be great too!
Or if you have a program/fundraiser for your local school that you would like to spread the word about it. I'll need the details, times, location, if it's a fundraiser if it isn't able to be ordered from online then who people can contact. But I'd gladly post about it and get the information out there.
Gosh if I can just get 12 people who want to talk that means I only have to find one thing a month to write about and I would keep my bargain with myself to try to get up more than 1 post a month! (between my health and my natural born laziness just doing one post a month might take an act of God)

One good thing I did today was check out my My Coke Rewards account.  Why is that good you might ask? How does that even relate to schools? Because you can donate your points to schools that have registered with their program. (I mentioned it in one of my posts back in October)  Anyway just because you can donate isn't really the good reason why I'm mentioning that I checked out my account. I'm mentioning it, because I realized that at this moment I have points that I don't know what I am going to do with. So this is were the good part and the relating to school parts comes in.  To my first two readers who post a comment regarding this blog I will donate 50 rewards points to their school of choice that is registered with MyCokeRewards.  Just leave the zip code for the school and the name of the school in some part of your comment so that I can find it when I go to donate. Or leave your email so I can contact you to get the information if you don't want to post it. The school has to be registered with their program for me to donate the points, so please make sure you check first. Remember this is for the first two people to post a comment on this post. (Posting once and then a second time so you are the first two comments wont get 100pts to the school of your choice that is registered.)
I'm not sure if there is a way to donate points in someone elses name or not, but I do know that it shows you how many points your school currently has so that will show that it has gone up.
If your school isn't registered, coke gives you the option of emailing the information to the principal or whoever is in charge of fundraising programs etc for the school. 
Anyway, think I got all the bases on that covered. Any questions email me or comment.

Also I signed up with another blog site to help get my blog out there to more people!
See the little button on the right? The "On The Fence" one? Yea, that's them. Please be sure to click on the button and vote for my blog! Thank you!

(see I already posted more than once this month! Yay!)

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