Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hi Everybody!!!  Happy New Year!  And I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!
Sorry I haven't been posting all month. Between the holidays and getting sick I was kinda out of it for a bit.  But I'm back! Yay!

So to kick off the new year I have a new fundraiser for you!  It's to help support the art club at San Gorgonio Middle School.

Simply go to Flower Power Fundraising.  Click on the Place order link in the upper right hand corner.  Then it will let you look up the organization. Just type in San Gorgonio Middle School, the city is Beaumont, and state California.  Just click on the link and it takes you to their sales page! It lets you see what their goal is and what they have earned so far. As well as giving you options of sending emails to other people who might be interested and when the fundraiser ends!  (Very cool.)
It ends on April 29th by the way, so be sure to go check it out, and invite any of your green thumbed friends who might be interested in adding some beautiful flowers to their gardens, while supporting a great cause at the same time!

Not sure? Scroll down and check out some of the flowers they are selling (but trust me you wanna take the time to go to the site, they look much better there!) :


  1. Do you happen to know how much the school actually gets from this fundraiser?

    I'm not saying fundraisers are bad because I now some are good & they also help in community spirit, but I do have an issue with those where the school receives only in minuscule amount of the money. I would often rather give the school money directly than spend it on a fundraiser because then I know that they are getting everything I am giving/spending on them.

  2. For this fundraiser I don't know the percentage of what the school will recieve. (although I am sure that somewhere on their site it is stated or maybe the tell you if you are looking into signing up with them) Most of the fundraisers I've seen give 50%. (again not sure about this one)
    I do agree with you though that it is ridiculous the amounts that schools actually get from some fundraisers. And I understand that especially in this economy and with the prices of some of the items in fundraisers these days that some people would rather donate the money directly to the program or the school. Unfortunetly sometimes donating the money directly to the school sometimes isn't an option. I do know that programs such as Donorschoose give you the option to decide if all of your donation to the school program goes to the school, or if you want a percentage of it to go to helping fund their site.
    I post the fundraisers here to help the schools since most (if not all) fundraisers these days come with specific instructions for the children not to go door-to-door, and this provides an opportunity for them to reach more people.
    If you don't want to purchase anything because you don't feel that all of your money will go to the program that is perfectly acceptable. An alternative would be to find out what that group or class is specifically raising funds for. Say for example they are raising funds for costumes or supplies, and then just purchasing said items at a local store and taking them into the teacher directly.