Saturday, March 26, 2011

DelTaco & Three Rings Ranch Elementary


I love DelTaco.  They are one of my favorite fast food restaurants.  I've always liked them, but I truly fell in love with the a few years ago when I discovered that for some reason their soft tacos are one of the few foods I can keep down when my heart meds make me nauseous. Well now I have even more reason to love them!!! They have a new program: Give Boldly to Schools Night!  (ok. I am assuming it is new, it might not be, but this is the first I've heard of it, so until I'm corrected I'm saying it's new) This is great! Now I can go buy a bunch of the food that I love, AND not feel so guilty about it 'cause it's helping out a local school. (after all helping out a school in need is MUCH more important than my diet. lol)  Plus it's the DelTaco I go to all the time. They even gave me taco wrappers when I made Fondant and Icing Tacos for my friends shower. (See not the only one with a Deltaco obsession)( I know they only gave me 4 its not like they broke the bank or nothing, but it's still pretty cool.)

What can I say she had an obsession with pizza and DelTaco tacos.

Okay so to everyone in the Banning/Beaumont, California area here are the details:

Where:   435 E.4th Street                   or more simply the DelTaco in Beaumont on Beaumont Ave, just   
              Beaumont, Ca                                              past the entrance to the 10.

                                                 or click here to see driving directions from google maps.

Picture from Google maps

When:   April 6th 2011
             From 4pm-8pm

 20% of the net sales go to a local school, which in this case is Three Rings Ranch Elementary.

So whether you know someone at Three Rings Ranch Elementary that you would like to show your support for or you just want to support a local school or you just really want some Deltaco, be sure to come out on the 6th!

Not in the area? Is there a DelTaco near you?  Go check it out. Maybe they are having Give Boldly Nights, the one I frequent had a big sign on the front door couldn't miss it.  No sign, just ask. Maybe they don't have  a school set up to have one yet, in which case, if you know someone from a local school why don't you suggest they go check it out?

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